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We are getting stronger with new machinery investments

DMG NHX5000 HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER – Horizontal Machining Center

  • 3 times faster manifold production
    2 times faster delivery
    Up to 100 projects/month
    Higher automation, less human interference & error = highest quality


For the first time in Turkey…

  • Hot runner system
  • “Valve Gate” system
  • Long lasting embedded resistance
  • Multiple injection points
  • First and only pre-wired manifold system

Packaging Industry

Multiple nozzles and manifolds in the packaging industry increase efficiency and productivity with their lean and robust structures. It provides fast cycle periods with minimal raw material.


With our first and only prewired system, large parts are produced effectively and reliably. Your molds work for years without problems.

Micro Parts

We make a difference in the sector with the technology, development skills and knowledge required for the production of parts under 5 grams/10 pcs.

Product Groups

Runner™ Series

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Nano Nozzles

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Single Nozzle Runners

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Manifold Systems

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Valve Gate Systems

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Prewired Systems

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Multi Nozzles

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Accessories and Spare Parts

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Heat Control Devices

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About Us

OPAKSAN founded in 2003, after 20 years of industry experience, responds to the plastic injection needs of its customers by developing hot runner systems. OPAKSAN is a pioneering developer/manufacturer in its field in Turkey by combining superior engineering knowledge with advantages of domestic production providing reliable & sustainable solutions for molding industry in the wider region. Quick response and adopting a solution oriented & innovative approach are the pillars of OPAKSAN service philosophy. Molds integrated with OPAKSAN systems continue to work impeccably for many years.
OPAKSAN is proud to have completed more than 9800 projects as of today and continues to invest in its own business.